Write Better: Press Releases

Yes, another must of the book world. Traditional or Indie, you still need a press release for you upcoming release! And if you’ve never thought about it before, this may be a challenge. It looks like the easiest part of the whole process, but one bad press release can get the next one deleted before its even read. So let’s look at ways to make you look like a pro!

  1. Headline: This is the top line and it needs to stand out to journalist and media influencers alike. So take your time, run some headlines by friend, or I am always open to help! But this is the cover for your press release. Just like that book cover, if it doesn’t look appealing, no one will buy it.
  2. Contact: Yep, they need to know how to get ahold of you to talk about your amazing new novel! So make sure to include the basics; name, address, phone number, and email.
  3. Dateline: This is the soul of your press release. ALWAYS start with the release date, city, and state. Now the release date is the day you are sending the email, not the day you wrote the release. This assures the press they are getting the most up to date info.
  4. Intro: This paragraph sets the hook. It give all the juicy details without giving away the whole cow! This may also be the last part a journalist will read. So hit on the who, what, where, when, and why. Then follow up with the important, yet smaller details.
  5. Body: This should be one or two paragraphs about other info you feel is important for the media to know about the release of your novel. Once more start with the most prominent details first.
  6. Boilerplate: This is a little blurb about you. Just one or two lines, about you as an author. Think mini bio.
  7. Closing: Its standard to start your closing with ‘###’, this lets the journalist know they are at the end.

Now proofread. This will help you find and errors,and things that may need different wording. Make sure the release sounds newsworthy, because you are talking to the press. Use an active voice, and keep it ‘matter of fact’. With this you will find success in showing your novel off to the world!

Now go write something!

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