Books for ‘Back to School’

Dragon Wars


Enter DRAGON WARS … a continuation of an exciting new reverse harem urban fantasy, where paranormal monsters fly and magic fights back!

Brooklyn just discovered she’s the only female dragon in existence–and the key to everything. She can see things others can’t, and summon strength no one else can. Brooklyn attends York Academy, a school of NYC’s elite, to get her magic under control, though her rapidly manifesting powers are too much for her inexperience.

But her unbound magic is nothing compared to the four guys that want to protect–and share–her as a girlfriend.

A battle between the slayers and the dragons is brewing. Brooklyn has one choice. She must address the Slayers Council, and make a peace before the dragons attack again and wipe out the Academy.

With the help of her boys, it should be easy … but nothing in Brooklyn’s life is ever easy.

It’s time to prepare for war.

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The Evolution Of Us


They say it’s blind.
That you don’t choose who you fall in love with.
They say it creeps up on you when you least expect it.
They say it doesn’t let go.

I wish it were that easy.

I’ve been in love before, and it happened the way they said it would.
For a while, it was easy and full of bliss.
Until he uttered those damn three words, and all hell broke loose.

I don’t blame him for leaving.
Love is a beast, waiting to devour you at the first sign of weakness.
That’s what they don’t say.

It’s been four years, and a lot has changed.
I never expected to see Jake again,
but here I am, staring into those gorgeous eyes like they still belong to me.

See, I’m Finley May Norwood, the anti-Venus, the girl who pushes love away when it becomes too much.
Now, Jake’s engaged to someone else, and I’m too late.
If only my heart could accept that.
It simply doesn’t.
Love. Be damned.

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The Dark Lord’s Tale


Corban Avidanson was raised to serve the Realm, to protect its people and its lands. He was taught to honor and righteousness. He intends to marry his childhood sweetheart. But when he turns eighteen, Corban learns his true heritage. He is Corban Vayd, the son of the Realm’s worst enemy, and Corban is given the Dark Power to conquer and destroy the Realm. He is the new Dark Lord. The rulers of the Realm and the agents of the Holy Power want Corban dead. The agents of the Dark Power want Corban to fulfill his destiny, or they will destroy him as well.
As for Corban, he wants to get rid of the Dark Power. Yet agents of both Holy and Dark Power push Corban to use the magic he does not want. And with every confrontation, every spell stains Corban’s soul. In time, Corban will become the very thing he hates.
So begins Corban’s quest to free his soul and save the Realm before both are damned forever.

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My Enemy, My Friend


I courted my wife with during the Iranian Revolution.  This Historical Romantic Fiction is based on our story. The Revolution made an appropriate setting for what I went through. As my own worst enemy, I identified with both the Iranian Imam who needed an American enemy’s help to defeat the Shah and the American politician who needed the Imam’s help to defeat an incumbent American President.
It is 1978. The Shah of Iran is in trouble. Barney Rosen returns to Iran to work for the US State Department. Barney’s performance during his last tour of duty in Iran had cost him his wife, his job and his self-respect. Barney now carries messages between agents of the Iranian Imam and agents of the American politician.
But Barney also needs his inner enemy’s help for himself.  Barney’s new job brings him face-to-face with Sarah Atkinson. For Barney to win Sarah’s love, he has to defeat the enemy he carries within and enlist the help of the Iranian who has witnessed his disgrace.
Although this book is Historical Romantic Fiction, it is based on my own experiences in Iran during the Revolution and observations of people no longer available for comment.

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Happy reading!!!


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