Write Better: Educational Writing

One of my newest favorite writing styles is educational. I love teaching, and no I do not have a degree for it! And believe it or not, publishers are desperate for more educational writers. Why? Well, the title alone can scare people away, but you do not need a high price paper to do it! You are an expert in your own way, and that may be just the thing classrooms need. So here’s how you get started.

  1. As always, know your audience. Knowing what age range or grade level you are writing for is a must before plotting you path
  2. Find an educator willing to help you. Once you’ve honed in the path of your book, run through it with a teacher, thus giving you a look into what works and what may not.
  3. Keep it upbeat. Even if your writing a math book, keep it positive to keep the learners ready for more. Helping educators keep kids interested is a must. If you drone on, your readers will pick up on that and miss the important facts.
  4. Try getting interactive. Adding worksheets, or team projects to the writing can impact the success of your book. This is will apply to workbooks and not educational story books.
  5. The difference between a workbook and an educational story book: An educational story book is just that. A non-fiction story where the students simply listen to the instructor read (or silently read to themselves). A workbook will include practise with the story, giving students a chance to write in their books and get away with it!

Now that you have the tools to do it, go write something educational!!! And feel free to share a blurb in the comments!


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