Write Better: LGBTQA Characters

LGBTQA Characters: Tips for doing it well.

LGBTQA books are a big right now, so writing you character correctly is a must! Getting it wrong could not only insult someone, but poor research make an author look extremely unprofessional. So know your stuff when writing, especially in the LGBTQA community. As authors we tell stories, not start rumors!

  1. You want to make sure you create a character first. Plotting things like, how they look, what the character’s name is, age, personality, ect. These characters are meant to be human too! Also keep in mind the character decides their sexual orientation, not the other way around.
  2. Read about the community. Learn what’s going on in the LBGTQA world. What successes have they made? What are they struggling with? These are things that will impact your character. Might I suggest asking others for insight. Most people are willing to help you understand their world!
  3. Character development is key. This can either be their sexuality, or another human flaw. If the character is just trying to accept that they are forever going to be without their arm, you should leave their sexual preference out of it!
  4. Map out your characters strengths. Giving your reads some strong, positive qualities can help remind readers that the LGBTQA people are worth having around.
  5. At this point you can start settling on your characters sexual orientation. And it’s not just gay or lesbian anymore. Just make sure you take time to study all the differences, helping you decide on the correct orientation for the character you’re building.
  6. Keep their history in mind. Has your character even come out yet? Are they just discovering these weird feelings and trying to figure things out? Have they been out for years and struggling ever since? These questions can help you build a stronger LGBTQA character!
  7. Gender Identity is something you need to look into as well. This could add a whole new level to your characters story. NOW, there is a difference between sexual orientation and gender orientation.
  8. Crossdressing doesn’t mean gay. Just because a boy like to dress up and lip sync doesn’t always mean he’s gay. Some people just like being fun, so trying not to focus on old stereotypes like that. Try to break them instead.
  9. Lastly, I recommend choosing your words wisely. We are here to share stories, not offend people! So know what you’re writing as you build this character and their amazing world!



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