Author Interview

  • When did you realize you were born to write?

At 9 years old! My fourth grade teacher liked reading my stories and was a great encouragement to a girl who was usually rather shy.

  • What got you into historical reads?

I first started reading the old Gothics from the 60’s and 70’s in high school and gradually moved to Harlequin. I’ve always enjoyed American history around the Civil War era, but I found English society to be even more appealing with their titles, and rules and regulations. It was fascinating!

  • What got you into romance?

That was because of my grandmother, who also raised me. She was the one who introduced me to the Gothic novels, because she used to read them.

  • When did you decide to combine the two?

It took me several years of playing around with writing before I finally told myself to actually FINISH a project! Hahaha The first book I wrote was about pirates. It was promptly rejected. The next novel I finished was the same. It wasn’t until my third book, 63 rejections later, that I finally got a publishing contract from a small press publisher.

  • What is the hardest thing, for you, about being an author?

Marketing! It’s tough to get noticed when most of the attention is focused on the mass market authors. And with the growing number of indies every day, trying to establish yourself as a ‘name’ can be a challenge.

  • How do you divide your time between family and writing?

I work part time as a lunch lady at the local community college, so I write before work and during our breaks, including summer. My daughters are 18 and 12 so they are pretty self-sufficient. Either way, I usually keep evenings and weekends open to spend with them. I’ve taught them that family is important.

  • What is one thing you want readers to take away from your work?

I want them to read my stories and be entertained, to close the book with a smile and eager to read the next one. There is nothing better than a good book!

  • How many titles do you have out?

At the moment, I have four full length novels, two novellas, and five anthologies, with another novella and anthology releasing in April. Most are historical romance, but I did dare to get out of my comfort zone with an erotic short story and an essay on Georgette Heyer.

  • Do you feel your writing has improved since your first book?

I would like to think so. It does seem easier to craft a story now that I’ve gotten started in the publishing industry. I know I’ve certainly learned a lot about sentence structure and how to ‘show’ and not ‘tell.’

  • How do people react when you tell them you’re an author?

They are usually impressed and immediately think I’m famous! Hahaha The truth is, no matter how successful I may or may not be with my writing, I’m going to be the same person today as I was tomorrow.

  • What does your family think about your books?

My grandma is proud, of course. She knew how long I’d held on to this dream – 30 years, to be exact. But everyone else is extremely supportive – my husband and daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it!

  • How do you come up with your titles?

I think a title is very important. It needs to catch the reader’s attention. With my Ways of Love series, I was struggling with my first book. I knew it was going to be Who, What, When, Where and Why, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I was brainstorming with the librarian at my local branch and suddenly, it just popped into my head! Thus, “Why the Earl is After the Girl,” was born!

  • Do you design your own book covers? Why/why not?

Since I was under contract for my first three books, the publisher designed those. Since I transitioned into indie, I have the final approval and it’s been pretty fun! I think that’s my favorite part is finding a talented cover designer and seeing my imagination come to life in full color! The only problem with that is trying to stay with one. I’ve LOVED all my designers so far!

  • What is your favorite swag item to give away?

Probably chap stick. I use it a lot myself and it seems to be popular, along with hand sanitizer and pens.

  • Do you create your own promos?

I sure do! I might join other authors for a  group effort, but most of the time I’m behind the computer (or my phone), posting about my books.

  • With all the changes to social media lately, do you feel its affected your sales? For good, or bad?

I don’t think so. Of course I’m on all social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn), as well as keeping up my website, but now that I’m slowly starting to build a readership, and have developed wonderful friendships with fellow authors, I think people can finally say, “Hey, I know her!”

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