Author Interview: Randy Weir

  • What drew you into the life of wordsmithing?

I’ve always had an active imagination since childhood. The ideas and stories floating in my head, needing to be written down. As if they were haunting me, though in a good way. Once they’re put to paper, or digitally, the haunting ceases. Until the next idea and stories invade my being.

  • How has writing changed your life (good or bad)?

The only real change is the joy I receive when people say they love reading my books. Each time I hear it I’m motivated to continue.

  • What research goes into writing mysteries?

For me I research all aspects when developing my mysteries. From locales where the various events take place, to the characters involved, and the weapons used in the crime. I try to get my plots as accurate as possible. Though I do use literary license to bend certain facts that fit the story.

  • Do you design your own covers, or buy them?

I have a cover designer who takes my ideas and runs with it. She does a great job in bringing my ideas to life.

  • How many titles do you currently have published?

I currently have 8 books in the Jarvis Mann Detective series. And I have book one in the Hunter Divine Thriller/Suspense series coming out in a few months.

  • What’s the easiest part of being an author?

I’m not sure any aspect of being an author is easy. But what I find is easy and enjoy most is talking to readers and potential readers about my work.

  • And the hardest part of being and author?

All of it is hard. From the writing and plot development, to the editing, to creating covers and advertising materials, to promoting and selling your work. It’s all an uphill struggle that takes a great deal of time, hard work and desire to complete.

  • How often do you end up talking about your books with strangers?

When I’m doing events is really the only time. I don’t normally broach the subject on my own.

  • How many book signings would you do in a normal year? (We don’t count 2020 and this COVID-19 mess)

True book signings, generally one or two. But I do a lot of craft fairs, normally more than 10 in year. Craft Fairs is where I sell and get the most eyes on my books.

  • What music do you feel influences your writing?

I enjoy rock and country rock the most. Though I wouldn’t say it influences my writing much. Though my main characters do enjoy the same music genres that I do.

  • When writing, what drink helps boost your mood?

The liquid refreshment I drink while writing is ice water.

  • What advice would you give to a writer just starting out?

My best advice is, write because you love it and not because you believe you’ll make a living as an author. Very few authors sell enough to give up their day job and pay the bills. If you do happen to be successful; great. But don’t expect it to happen as there is a lot of competition out there from many great authors and the profits are minuscule. Write because you have a passion to create work that people will enjoy.

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