Write Better: Knowing Your Audience

Its something I speak about ALL THE TIME. The first thing I will tell you when planning your project is to research, interact with, and become your audience. It sounds creepy, but I do mean it!

I don’t write YA because its easy, its because I LOVE to read YA. This inside edge gives me and advantage (in my opinion) because I read in the genre I write. Now YA isn’t all I read; I do a ton of research reading too. So this is why I will nag you to wordsmithing agony about KNOWING YOUR READERS. Once you know what readers in your genre are into and the new trends, its easy to stay on top of upcoming trends, and building your very own fanbase.

Things to remember:

  1. Not everyone that likes your genre will like your book. While most readers will enjoy a fresh look, prepare yourself for the “Karen” that lives in every corner of the globe. So don’t push them into a public melt down. Simply smile and remind yourself, you are not for everyone! You’re a delicacy for those willing to taste!
  2. Doing research on your writing genre will NEVER be easy. There are so many variables, and not enough time, so think outside the box. Win or fail, you tried.
  3. When you find readers that enjoy your work, keep them happy! They have friends and word of mouth is THE best selling point for you!

Lastly remember social media can be your friend. Try new sites like MeWe to advertise your book and network with other writers. Having someone that understands your writing struggle is a MUST!

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