Writer Resources: Building/Rebuilding Your Author Site

Part of building your audience is building a site. You know, a place where your upcoming fanbase can go to learn EVERYTHING they need to know about your and your book(s). Building a site isn’t an easy feat, however, today I bring you the best and easiest to use web site creation tools. Make sure to do your research and decide which is best for you, and your skill level.

  1. WordPress.com: Yes this very site will help you build a site, and have tons of templates to choose from. They have a free option as well as paid options to help you make the most of your book sales. Use their images or upload your own, and track where your viewer/shoppers come from, so you can promote your book(s) based on region. I feel WordPress.com requires a intermediate knowledge of creating a site, but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to get you started.
  2. SquareSpace.com: This site requires little knowledge of web building, and us extremely user friendly. I have used Squarespace in the past to sell my books and loved how simple it was to create a beautiful site. However there is no free option. A minimal $12 per month is all it takes to make you look like a pro.
  3. ConstantContact.com: Another super simple to use site builder. They offer dozens of templates, drag and drop, and 24/7 support. Not to mention the ability to build your newsletter list and plan all your sales emails in one stop! You can choose a plan as low as $10 per month, but they do offer a free version as well. With an free version, you are a little limited as to what you can do, however you still get the most important features to build a beautiful site.
  4. Shopify: This all in one sales platform has over 40 million shoppers per month. Shopify is a commerce site as well, meaning you can easily boost sales. I feel I needed a little more educations on how to use the site properly, but found everything I needed to learn on YouTube. You do still get the drag and drop feature, as well as WordPress.com integration. So link you blog up for even more exposure. Pricing starts moderate at $29 per month, but for that you can also promote your store as well. Read into all the options before you buy to make sure you get what you need. I buy a lot from shopify, and love the fact that I can track my packages through their app, all the way to my door!

Now my word isn’t law. so make sure you look into every option. This is key to getting book sales and bringing readers back, with friends, for more books. Now go create something!

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