Writer Resources: Press Release Distribution

Its taken me a long time to put this list together. I’ve been researching for the last two years and watching the “best” and the “worst” so you have a competitive edge to announcing your book to the world. A press release is one of the oldest, yet best, ways to promote your book without being pushy. This gives media the chance to pick your book launch up as an article for a paper. In some cases you get feedback on why your PR was turned down, thus helping you grow!

If you need help with a PR (Press Release) check our archives for all the details on build the best PR for you!

Now that you have that PR ready, what do you do?

Send it!

Here are my favorite ways to send your PR to the world with just a click, and why they’re worth the price! You will see a return on your investment!

  1. ereleases.com offers packages to distribute your PR, including Yahoo news and Google, start at just $299. That is a hefty investment, but worth is to get the attention to your book. They even offer to write the PR for you, if you add $200 to that $299. There are plenty of add-on’s to target readers in a specific demographic, but beware, there is an added cost through this site.
  2. 24-7pressrelease.com starts at $19 dollars, however the only users able to see your PR will be users of their site only. Offering more options, they have an $89 service that, in my opinion, are more than worth it! This price includes your local media outlets being targeted first. The extent of exposer, the higher the price, but we knew that was coming. I still feel this is THEE best PR service to work with.
  3. newswirejet.com offers three packages, each reaching a wider media outlet by the tier, including all the big stations, like Fox News and Google. The basic package is $59 and guarantees at least 250 placements of your PR.

As always do your research and find a company that fits for you, then spread the love of books. Be flexible, and READ THE FINE PRINT.

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