March Reads

They’d love for everybody to be healthy. But a horrible virus brought them into a nightmare. What can be done to stop the spread of this coronavirus?“This book explains in a way that can be easily understood by children what a Covid-19 infection is. It shows how we can stop the spread of this virus and who the people at risk are. The information in this lovely story is scientifically correct and beautifully illustrated with nature photos. Children will read, watch, and listen to it fascinated!”Dr. Gerda Vanderhaegen, general practitioner

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When he met her, she needed him…but he realized he might need her more.

Being on the run, homeless, and hungry, it seemed fate had led Helena and her daughter to Cooper’s Hawk where everyone was welcoming, especially one cowboy who took a protector role. She wasn’t a damsel in distress, but she wasn’t prideful either. She’d do anything to keep her daughter safe.

Hank Hawke wasn’t a stranger to challenges. His scars ran deep, but the invisible scars ran much deeper. Coming home from a tour in IRAQ after a bomb explosion killed men in his unit, and left him seriously injured, he had to rebuild and reshape his life. The last thing he needed was a woman with a lot of trouble showing up to breach the secure wall he’d placed around himself, and his heart. However, a cowboy was allowed to change his mind.

Trust wasn’t easy for Helena or Hank, but can they learn to overcome the past to have a future? Are they strong enough to combat the demons? Can Helena hide in a small town where everyone knows everyone…and everything. Someone from the past wants her to pay a price, but Hank will protect her, and her daughter, against all monsters.

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Things are not always as they seem.

Rachel Warren has escaped from an abusive headmaster at a boarding school in San Francisco. The mysterious stranger, Tyler Burton, who helps her on the way to her homestead in Colorado, looks like he could be on the run from the law. Is he really a gunslinger like he appears?

Her parents’ deaths from a wagon accident now turns out to be murder. Why? Someone tried to kill her brother, Daniel, as well. Will Rachel be next?

Who is trying to force Rachel and her brother off their land? And why?

Things aren’t always as they seem in Trails of Deception.

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He She Black Widow is a hard hitting, gutsy, tell it like it is murder mystery that takes place in the black community. It is a mystery that pits Detroit gangs against each other and baffles the Detroit Police Department. Young black men are turning up dead, and nobody seems to know why. The truth behind the murders erupts into a volcanic explosion of death and deceit.

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