Author Interview: Mckayla Jade

  1. What brought on your love of writing?
    It was my escape from the world.
  2. Would you consider yourself an avid reader as well?
    Yes. I love to read.
  3. How has the pandemic affected your writing life?
    It kicked my career into high gear.
  4. When did a novel start coming to life in your mind?
    I wrote my first while in jr. high and hid it from the world until a couple years ago.
  5. How hard was it, for you, naming characters? Naming characters hasn’t been too hard.
  6. Which of your characters is most like you? I love my Warriors, but probably Hawk the best.
  7. What about self-publishing appealed to you? My first book was with a publisher and the process
    really stunk, and the profit margins were ridiculous, so I went indie.
  8. Did you create your own cover or commission one? Why? I commission my covers. Graphics and
    I do not get along.
  9. What’s your favorite writing drink? Jack daniels wildberry jack
  10. What’s the most difficult part of the writing process, in your opinion? Staying focused on the
    writing part instead of marketing, because I love marketing so much.
  11. What was your favorite part of writing Warriors Secret? I got lost in the story and created the
    world I would want to live in.
  12. What can we expect from you in 2021? Warriors Trust just went live And Warriors Worth will be
    in March 2021
  13. When not being awesome at writing, what are you busy doing? Archery, hiking, fishing,
    camping, gardening, anything outdoors.
  14. Do you ever feel awkward talking about your book to strangers? Only the naughty parts.
  15. What message would you like to spread to the world at this time? Networking is everything.

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