Why We Shouldn’t Go Back.

What about the past are we so attached to?

Clearly things were about to explode and the pandemic was the catalyst that sparked the engine of urgency. Instead of trying to fix things together, we’ve spent the last year pulling each other apart. And this needs to stop. We can’t go back to normal. We need to move forward and embrace the new normal that’s left after the dust settles.

COVID-19: Living in a packed world, we learned how quickly a virus can consume us. Millions sick, hundreds of thousands of people dead, and millions more refuse to do what they can to stop the spread; it drives the panic and chaos. In this millennium humans feel that news isn’t real. While you can’t believe everything you read on social media, news stations pride themselves on being factual. Not everyone is out to get you, and we have the technology to produce facts and vaccines at faster rates.

Asian Hate: Following the discovery of COVID-19, the masses decided they needed someone to blame, and turned to the first country to confirm COVID in large numbers. Wrongly accusing an entire race of causing the pandemic is NOT ok! Blaming Asian people, destroying their lives, is a horrific way to deal with the situation. Experts have been warning us of something like this for years, and refusing to mask up, wash your hands and do your part is the reason this is still out of control. I can’t describe the shame I feel for lack of knowledge of Asians treatment by Americans. It seems like everything school taught me was passed off as a joke, but we actually are jerks to the diversity that helps make this country great. And I, for one, choose to do my part to stop the violence.

Black Lives Matter: This has been boiling in the US for a while, and sadly, it took one mans murder for the issue explode. Even now, nearly one year later, we struggle to see change in the way our authorities and politicians treat the black community. I’ve always tried to love everyone, until they burned me that is, but I never judged by color. Seeing Mr. Floyd beg for air, and his momma, let loose the true colors of the racism still decaying our community. We’re supposed to work together and save each other; or did we forget what the 90’s taught us.

I still cry thinking about 2020. And we shouldn’t be alright “going back to normal.” What we thought was normal only pushed the past away. We need to change, grow, and educate ourselves in the unknown. Don’t blame or otherwise harm someone for their race. Stop the stereotypes here, and start teaching acceptance of our differences. And that’s how I intend to spend my 2021, embracing and loving others, especially for their differences.

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