Author Interview: Harper Raye

1. What got you inspired to start writing?

Nothing really, I just love to write I can name a certain thing.

2. What genre do you prefer to write in?

I would say murder mystery thriller are my favorites I can kill someone off without going to prison ( Lol)

3. Tell us what it takes to be TikTok Famous and a author, we need the secrets!!!

TikTok you just have to be yourself, don’t put on a front people can see right through that. And as far as being an Author you have to believe in yourself and give it 100% or it will never work. 

4. What inspired your covers?

Honestly it was my best friend who I just lost very suddenly. Umm she helped me pick them out and she showed me why they caught her eye as she was a die hard book reader.

5. Do you find out harder to write a story or self- edit?

EDIT by far

6. When you’re not being an awesome author, what are you doing?

Raising my two daughters with my husband we’re watching a good episode of snapped or making TikTok

7. Do you have anything in the works?

If so can you spill about it? I do it’s called Broken Remains, and it’s about the Rest stops slayer who’s also a cop. He takes people from one rest stop and he disposes of their bodies another another rest stop miles and miles away.

8. What helps you to get through this pandemic?

Friends, music, writing and TikTok 

9. Are you excited To be able to be out in public more?

Oh yes most definitely

10. Were can readers find out more about you?

Facebook, Amazon 

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