Write Better: Naughty Writing

Well we can take this converstation in 2 directions, and why not?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about ‘naughty’ writing is cussing. I am the proud daughter of a sailor (who never cussed a day in his life), and use cursing regularly when talking. Its just a part of me; a part of my generation. But is it alright in our books?

That, my dear, is up to you. Yes, the writer can make choices when publishing (self or traditional) to warn readers in that your work has adult language. You can even make marketing choices to lessen the chances of a kids getting into your books. Add notes to the readers in your back cover or the first few pages to be sure its well noted. BUT, remember you can’t please everyone, so let the mad parents roll off your back and lets the kids read!

Next up; when I think naughty writing, I think erotic books. Graphic romance is the closet to XXX as I get. But the die hard readers really want it, so we write it! And the desriptive words used for body parts are just amazing. If you’ve never read erotica, start slow. But this love will come for the romance and real life adult actions will truly connect to almost all romance fans.

Now that you’re more confident, go write something!

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