Writer Resources: Reviewers

We all need them. They help us spread the word about your book. But knowing what to expect can have you on your top game. So here’s a few tips to get you started.

Google searches can be exhaustive , but a must when finding the right reviewers. I will always say this, so do your research before anything else. And make sure you’re looking for someone in your genre.

As you visit each site take notice of the rules of submission. Most likely you’ll have to send a paperback copy, so have them at the ready. Make sure to be polite when requesting a review and be weary of those asking for large sums of money! I tend to dig for the true word nerds that do it for free and giveaway the book when they’re done! But honestly, my personal limit is $50 for a review.

Do not send mass email requests, it looks tacky and impersonal. Make each request fresh and personalized.

Blog tours/blog hops are events (usually a week) that release multiple reviews of your work to even more readers than you could alone.

Now I won’t leave you hanging. Here’s my 2 favorite reviewers for you to check out.

Jenny Marston of Neverland Blog Tours. www.neverlandblogtours.weebly.com

Julio Carlos of Scribble’s Worth Reviews https://scribblesworth.wordpress.com/

Have fun!

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