July Reads

Deliverance will come…

But that is another story.

What makes a legend but the stories told about him? Interviewing Gorias La Gaul, the biggest legend of them all, is a dream come true for young scribe Jessica. Where other girls her age would swoon beneath the steely gaze of the warrior, Jessica only has eyes for his mouth, and the tales that come from it…when he takes a break from cursing or drinking.

Unfortunately for Jessica, Gorias doesn’t really have time to babysit. She’s found him in the midst of an annual pilgrimage of sorts, and though he agrees to let her come along, it’s not without a warning: You may not like what you see and hear. Just don’t come crying afterward.

Whether viewing past visions with magical gemstones or jumping into the fray alongside the barbarian, Jessica’s about to get firsthand accounts she won’t soon forget…and discover legends are far from reality, and just as far from being pretty. You wouldn’t expect a youth of love and friendship from the greatest killer to walk the Earth, would you?

These are tales of some of Gorias’ earliest days, back before he’d found his swords, to a time when a dragon needed killing. Tales back before his heart had hardened. Maybe. For most men, the future is not certain and the past is prologue. For a legend like Gorias La Gaul, even the past is up for debate. One thing is for certain about these tales. They will be bloody. Such is always the way for a man…

Born of Swords…

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Humanity is dying. Much of the population is living in the wild like psychotic animals ravaged by a seemingly incurable disease. ,J .J. Berger and his Shadow Team are the defenders of the last remnants of Democracy, threatened by the sick and by the totalitarian forces in the East, wondering if theirs is a lost cause. On the Iberian southern plains, a flicker of hope sparks up, as a little girl and her mother flee their brutal captors towards the dim beacon of civilization still burning in the West.

While trying to stop an invading army of the East, Berger and his Special Forces operatives will battle organized gangs, hordes of the sick and mysterious suicidal terrorists. But maybe little Laura and her mother bring the answers and hope they have been longing for.

With this new series, award-winning author Bruno Martins Soares ventures into a post-apocalyptic world, where his action-filled breathtaking militaristic style rises to a different level, on the southern plains of Spain and Portugal.

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She’s desperate. He’s devoted to his career. Neither knows they need each other.Mia Anderson would do anything for her sister, including marry a complete stranger so her niece could have the heart surgery she desperately needed. Her dream of being a veterinarian would have to wait.
And then she meets Dr. Parker Hawthorne. He’s perfect in ways Mia never knew she wanted, but now she’s promised to someone else.
Parker Hawthorne has never cared for romance or the family fortune as much he as he cares about saving lives. His practice is his passion. That is until his mother brings a complete stranger into their family home and it throws his entire life off track. He’s not sure what his mother is up to…or what this girl is now doing to him.
Can love be found when it wasn’t being searched for?

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Buffy, the Vampire Slayer meets The Craft!
One soul-sucking demon. One haunty mansion. And one witch-tastic destiny…
Ravenwood, California isn’t like other coastal towns. It’s a mystical place, where the teenagers inexplicably disappear and shadows prowl the forest. And Shiloh Saintcrow isn’t like other girls—she’s a teen witch who can sense the things that go bump in the night.
After Shiloh gets a visit from a shadowy demon, threatening to steal her family’s spellbooks, her life quickly spirals into one of unending weirdness and danger. As if life isn’t complicated enough, she takes a job at the local haunted house, where she meets the sinfully hot Trent Donovan and his ghost-hunting uncle, Mr. Evans.
When another teen vanishes, Shiloh teams up with Evans to solve the mystery, but their investigation only uncovers a shocking truth about Ravenwood’s founding families. But before she can expose the town’s ominous secret, Shiloh has to evade a kooky ghost on a revenge haunt, contain the scary dark power tainting her magick, and survive attacks by a pack of creeptastic demons first.
For poor Shiloh, life’s a real witch.

Will she gain the courage to face all the monsters in Ravenwood, and become the hero she was destined to be?

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