Writer Resources: The Write Inspiration

I’ve been in a rut; that’s right, I’ve got the block and my motivation is faultering. But it’s time to shake things up, get the blood flowing, and get inspired to write again. And I’m not talking my normal tricks, because the more I use them, the more I’m starting to feel immune. I’m talking FRESH new ways to get the stories turning in my head and yours!

I’m starting by switching up my surroundings. I’m shuffling my office around to give me a renewed feeling of a safe writing space. Try placing your desk near a window, and add some plants, or a splash of color. Keep this project simple and stress-free since its meant to awake your creative innerself.

Mood music! Yes I know I said new tips, but hang with me. I’ve spent so long listening to the same mood music for another book that it started a mindset that was wrong for my WIP. It took me a while to pinpoint the mood I wanted to create and pull new and old songs for that mood. I thought I truly understood the mood my favorite songs created, but I learned that some songs ruin the story you’re attempting to tell. So use music, but make sure its the write music (see what I did there?).

Write 5 words everyday! No matter how you feel, just jot down at least 5 words to get your brain to wake up. Before you know it, you won’t be able to stop at just 5. This is a sweet little tip I picked up from my local writing group. And it’s true, after just 3 days I felt like writing so much more than just 5 simple words.

Join a writing group. There are thousands of groups across the country and beyond. Do a little digging( I use meetup app to find local groups) and check it out. If that group isn’t for you, try another one. If you find a lack of groups near you, try virtual groups. Zoom meetings are still a thing since COVID-19 is still hovering over us, so take full advantage of this resource.

Now I’m not back to my full on writing schedule, I knew it was time to take a break and did just that. Now that I’m getting better, I hope you do too, and there will be no further blips in the blog schedule.

So go write something!

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