Story Time: Wasted Nachos by Jennifer Thompson

Lights flashing and snapping apertures sounded in the darkness. Her body was a beautiful mess of punctures and blood, dress tore from hooking on the tree limbs that tried to save her, but it was all futile. The vessel that was her body let her soul escape through the gaping holes blood had once used to leave her. Empty of all her lively fluids, Amber hovered watching as the police snapped more pictures of the microwave that smashed into her, leaving her skull nonexistent.

“What a shame, she was goin’ places with her cookin’ show.” The chief grumbled.

Tries screeching to a halt, and the clicking of heeled shoes on pavement caused all the officers to turn for a moment.

“Parker, handle the paparazzi. This is the last thing we need is a news leak about Amber Alton’s death” The raspy voice commanded.

A taller man rushed off with police tape in hand. The men remaining knelt down to take a closer look. Snapping more pictures of each life-ending wound, the chief reached in, pushing the button with his stubby fingers to open the door. Springing wide, the light flickered, shocking the hardened men. Inside the box was a mess of broken porcelain, chips, ground beef and half melted cheese bashed together.

Looking back to his men, the chief’s only words were, “Well that’s a waste of good nachos.”

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