September Reads

Now fully possessed by the Dark Power, Lord Corban Vayd has unleashed his fury and his Garganite troops on the Realm. King Lange, crippled by the loss of the Sword of the Archangel and the White Wizard, is unable to stop the Dark Lord’s attack. The king of the Realm must consider doing the unthinkable: surrendering the Realm to Corban. And eagerly waiting for the final outcome is Vogel, the true enemy of the land.
But when old friends arrives at Castle Obsidian to beg for mercy, Corban manages to reassert control over the Dark Power. He also discovers he is going to be a father, which for him is a death sentence for not only him but for the mother of his child. To end the line of dark lords Corban embarks on a desperate mission to defeat Vogel and restore peace to the Realm.
But even if Corban wins, his defeat and his death is inevitable.

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A choice to be made, and a price to be paid. Sometimes, doing the right thing means paying the ultimate price.

Linden Lampkin, fifteen, ignored by an uncaring father, bullied and harassed by his peers, almost meets his end one night in an alleyway. The victim of a random mugging, he enters a portal into a parallel universe, a universe very much like ours.

Linden ends up at the Tower, a hangout where a group of very unusual people—the Ultras—live and work. With advanced technology and medicine, they heal his injuries.

The procedure ages him to that of someone almost twenty years old, and he begins a new life working with his mentors, a group of enhanced individuals who help out those on Earth whenever help is needed.

Fitting in is difficult at first, but through hard work, Linden copes, succeeds, finds a girlfriend, and thinks he’s found happiness.

However, a chance meeting with someone on Earth leads him to think that the Ultras aren’t really who they say they are.

His search also pits him against a super-villain who has no qualms about killing, and when Linden finally learns the truth about who he’s been living with, he also has to make the choice between saving his life and doing the right thing.

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In the future, some can have it all, others are left with nothing. Burning rain that never stops, a short meaningless life and a quick death if you’re lucky. An unanswered prayer blows across the broken streets like a feather wafted on an evil wind. Even when the cruel world tosses you to the side, sometimes, for a few of us, love will make it all worthwhile. Some souls were meant to find each other.

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Can you be heroic and naive?
For one young man, the answer is yes, despite his magical birthright.
Blissfully unaware of what’s going on around him, for the most part Peter remains fully focused on blending in and keeping a low profile.
But fate and plain bad luck have other designs on him.
Not so bad, you might think. Until you discover the TRUTH!
Just like his friends, he is a… DRAGON!
Thrust into a life away from the underground dragon domain, disguised in a new, awkward human form in an effort to guide and protect humanity just like the rest of his race, all he has to do is uncover the diabolical deeds playing out around him.
With the help of his two young friends, a master mantra maker and a complete dragon stranger with more than a little history attached to him, will Peter manage to thwart the dark, devious scheme long in the planning?
Ever wondered how dragons use their supernatural gift to travel below ground at almost the speed of sound?
Want to know how they use magical mantras to transform their giant bodies into convincing human shapes?
Learn the true story of George and the Dragon, see if a prehistoric grudge turns into murderous revenge, and find out what to do if you meet a giant arachnid grinning at you when you’re wearing nothing but your smile.
Lose yourself in this unputdownable fantasy adventure NOW!

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Mysterious. Wanted. Murderer – Caine Stephens was considered all of those things. On the run, he enlists the help of his best friend, Hawke, who gives him a job to earn some extra money. While he was supposed to keep his head down and focus on trying to clear his name, that plan goes awry when he meets one of Denver’s quintessential society débutantes.

Spoiled. Entitled. Princess – All were words that once described Emery Wilder until her father becomes embroiled in a scandal that leaves her reeling and virtually penniless. There are no more penthouse apartments, designer clothes, or days filled with pampering. Without any of the luxuries she once took for granted, she is left with an uncertain future.

A stormy night brings the unlikely pair together in a way that neither anticipated. Emery is determined to clear her father and regain everything taken from her, while Caine is fighting for his freedom. Despite the risks and secrets, the couple begins to fall in love, but it’s not at all hearts and roses. What happens when the skeletons in his closet collide with those in hers? Is it too late to salvage the one thing they both want more than anything else?

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