Writer Resources: The Write Recovery

Whether you’re coming down from NANO, or just finished a draft, you’ll need a break. Time to shake the hectic schedule away and return to enjoying life beyond the screen. But how?

Giving up on writing for an entire week is a stretch, but a few journal lines a day actually does your brain good! So don’t walk away completely, but don’t start the editing process right away. Burning out is worse than the infamous writers block. Unfortunately this has been my reason for missing posts here on the blog and not sending our newsletter out. I crashed and burned hard. And for the last few months I’ve been working my way back into my passion.

First I caught up on the things I’d been putting off, like the gigantic pile of unfolded clean socks, so I had no reason to procrastinate. However that still didn’t spark you urge to write, and I set out to renew the urge.

Next, I admitted I had an issue. Saying it out loud, to my writing group, made it real. And now the healing could begin. My mind started to rest and without stressing about writing, I soon had the words flowing again. While I still didn’t reach my NANO goal, I’m back into writing and couldn’t be happier!

Now go write something!

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