December Reads

Books make amazing gifts! Please choose indie books this year, it’s a small, local business to be an author.

“Rachet-tense atmosphere” – Allie Cresswell
“The action zings” – A.M. Reade
“A harrowing climax” – Alison Henderson

After a string of arson fires drives migrant farm workers from their homes, Damien goes undercover to infiltrate the white-supremacist, neo-Nazi militia responsible for the fires and unmask the identity of their leader.

Left alone to run their detective agency during Damien’s absence, Millie Dickens dives into an investigation of a local resident she suspects of being a Nazi war criminal in hiding.

The action is non-stop as Damien and Millie risk their lives to eradicate the spectre of violence and racism from their community.

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Three Christmas tales from Scotland, England and Wales to warm your holidays.

Scottish Christmas – Addison James
Beth Bishop, left alone in Edinburgh over the Christmas holidays, is unexpectedly invited to the childhood home of Gordon MacKay, a friend of a friend who happens to be tall dark and handsome, with a Scottish accent as well. She spends three days meeting the MacKay clan, learning Scottish customs, getting to know both Gordon and his family. The visit takes a turn when Gordon’s ex-wife arrives and Beth is forced to play Gordon’s American girlfriend.
But what if the play becomes real life?

The Bed and Breakfast Man – Amanda Ward
You are never too old to fall in love…
At forty-eight, Joy Welles runs her bed and breakfast with the love and care one has for a child.
Each guest she takes in, she treats as if they are the most important person in the world. Until Christian and his granddaughter arrive to spend Christmas, and carry out his mothers’ final wish.
The tables are turned on Joy as for the first time, she is on the receiving end of the love and care. Burdened by the scars of her past, and scared of allowing herself to love again she builds up a wall of safety, only for Christian and his dogged determination to tumble them down.
Together can the couple learn to release their demons and like the river, move on with their lives

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On a long-planned tour.
Enjoying himself. Not looking for trouble
But trouble often has its own agenda.

Captain Sullivan aimed a broad smile at Fallon and broke the silence. “I did a little reading about you, Mr. Fallon. An interesting life you lead.” “It has its moments,” Fallon returned the smile. “But don’t believe everything. As someone once put it: ‘Life often reads better than it lives.’”
“You’re here on a tourist visa?” Sullivan held up Fallon’s passport.
“Yes, that’s right.”
“And inside three weeks of arriving in the United States, you take a combat pistol shooting course at the American Pistol Institute in Arizona. Three weeks later, you go on to shoot three men dead in Colorado. Any comments?”

And so a vacation becomes a mission.

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When you embark on a journey of REVENGE, dig two graves…

After reigning supreme on the streets of Ft. Lauderdale, the good life for SKEET suddenly takes a backseat and welcomes an unimaginable pain when a war is ignited. Unable to cope with the devastation, he sets out on a path for revenge for the individuals responsible for leaving his son in a coma. When SKEET masks up nobody is safe and the streets are now feeling a hustler’s pain.

The leading lady of the Riccardo Cartel, Zuri has her own mission in place and that’s to take down the woman who’s responsible for the shooting that nearly claimed her life three years ago. Her flesh and blood, her sister Mehzani. When it’s time to face off will Zuri have a change of heart? Or will she stand on the principle of loyalty?

Just when Skeet thought the storm was over, he’s hit with another one that was more catastrophic than the last. Janae, hits him with a surprise of her own, further crumbling their shaky foundation and pushing him to seek comfort in the arms of another woman. Will Janae’s secret cause her to lose the love of her life? Or can she save face in the wake of a storm and take his heart back? Embark on this deadly journey, as Skeet handles his OPPS one by one. Will a HUSTLER’S PRAYERS be answered or will Skeet find himself in one of the two places reserved for the streets; death or prison.

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He survived, but he didn’t begin to live again until he met her.
A second chance? Why would Cassidy want one? She’s already had everything she could possibly want: a husband, a baby on the way, the perfect life… until it all crumbled away.
Now, two years after her husband’s death, Cassidy is barely holding on. Her interests don’t go beyond her quiet existence on the lake or her German shepherd, Fred. …That is, until an arrogant jerk buys the place next door and steals her dog.
A second chance? Mac doesn’t need one. Or anyway, he doesn’t deserve one.
Mac bought a dilapidated cabin because it mirrors his state of mind: broken, isolated, useless to humanity. Plus, the place is close enough to town that he can drink himself into oblivion. He has no interest in connections except for one-night stands and commandeered time with his neighbor’s dog. That is, unless you count Cassidy.
It’s a second chance: the one they both need.
At first, Cassidy and Mac merely exist next to each other, but the attraction between them—the bond of their broken existence—pulls them together again and again. They aren’t perfect souls, they aren’t always the best people, but the jagged edges of their lives begin to heal each other, even as they strike out against it.

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