My 2021 Favorite Word Nerds

Goodbye to another year of COVID chaos!

Amoungst all the ups and downs, I still managed to connect with some amazing people. Some I’ve know for years and just simply took time to check in on them and others may be a little newer, but still worthy of a mention and click. These amazing humans create all day long and don’t know how to stop!

We couldn’t be happier that they are still with us and just as ready for 2022 as we are. So without further babble on my part, meet my 5 favorite word nerds of 2021.

Number 5

Natasha Link

I met her on Twitter and she fails to disapoint me! From the start her tweets are upbeat (even if they are a little dark) and fun. Full of opinions and not afraid to speak her mind, she is a inspiration for young writers (man and woman) everywhere.

She is an author, freelance copywriter, social media manager, and blogger. She has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh. She’s real and refreshing in a time we really need it and I beg you to check her out here.

Number 4

Luke Stone

Believe it or not, this indie comic author is a pastor with a passion for art and storytelling. Husband and a father, Luke is currently recovering from COVID, and we are so lucky to have him. He fought hard to stay alive and entertain us, so to return the favor please check out his work and make a purchase for yourself.

Want to commission some art? He’s open to that too! Just make sure to allow plenty of time for processing! Find more about my new bestie Luke here.

We love you Luke! Stay strong!

Number 3

Brian Rodman

Bearded badass, and fellow asthmatic, Brian is another of my new comic author friends.

Brian is an independent comic book creator who lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife/business partner, Robyn, and their two cats, Phoebe and Luna. As you can see he’s fun to hang arounds and great at what he does!

Do yourself a favor and check Brian out here.

Number 2

Amy Hale

Wife, mom, nerd girl, author, broadcaster, and mental health advocate, Amy brings light to the book world. I met her through our number 1 fav and haven’t looked back since. I love being a part of the Hale’s Angels and her writing is fantastic.

Amy’s been writing just 2 years longer than me and published her first nonfiction book in 2015. With awards to back it up, I highly recommend looking into her latest book, and learning more about her here.

Number 1

Brian K. Morris

That’s right! My favorite Fez wearing, podcasting, writer man is the number one person to stay connected with!

He hosts live shows Monday through Friday and partners with Brian Rodman to make on heck of a good time. Rising Tide Publications is branching out and gaining a following at a rapid pace. Join in now and see why Brian K. Morris is our favorite word nerd of 2021! Click here to show some love.

Stay safe and we’ll meet you in 2022!

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