Write Better: Interview Answers

In the spirit of missing authors to interview, I thought we could take a little time this week to talk about the best way to anwser questions.

Interviews are important to any authors career. So, why not have the most interesting responses, and draw more attention to your writing. I recommend sticking to the deadline, if one is set, to keep the journalist on time for their post. As an interviewer, I look up who I am talking with, and use social media to form the best questions. Hitting on points that are important to readers, and guiding them into a new world of words.

When it comes to answers, don’t use just one word responses. This makes it very difficult for your spot light to hold an audience. Now, there is no need to give me a novel with each question, but a few sentences would make the world of difference. Use your words, get crafty, and help me pull in new eyes. And to honest, I’d rather edit a novel response down to fit my blog, than feel like I need more than one word. In the end I post the answer because I don’t want to take from the author, but even I crave three more words to make it interesting.

What else do you include in a Q&A? Never give too much more than what is asked for, but include things like your links so readers can research you after reading. Make it easy by providing book links and you tags on social media. Attach book covers, especially if you have one coming out near the interview. Lastly, keep it light and fun. This makes you relatable and relevant to readers who are new to your name.

Now go write something!

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