Writer Resources: Social in 2022

Keeping with the times is a must for all authors. Social media is a must if you want to succeed at all, but it can be difficult to decide which outlets are a good fit (not including Facebook or Twitter, which you should already have). So, here’s 5 social outlets you should have.

1. Goodreads: This site is really making a come back in 2022. So make sure you’re on and active. This site is a great resource for finding reviews.

2. Instagram: Still a hot commodity, this app has all the bookish hashtags you need to reachers new readers. Bonus; you can connect this app with others to make posting in several places at once possible.

3. Reddit: This site can take some work to learn, but we’ll worth it. The new front page of the internet, your fans can boost your posts, which helps others find you!

4. Snapchat: Similar to our next pick, Snapchat is a great way to stay relevant. Take pics of your books in new places and show how you’re relatable. Keep it professional and have fun with it.

5. TikTok: Yes, it’s a must, and even I will be joining this revolution soon. Meet new fans, show your fun side, and add your book to each upload to spread the word on who you are and what you’re about.

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