Author Interview: Wanye Clingman

  1. How long have you known you were destined to tell stories? Telling stories from a child on. Only by finding that someone I knew from Film Making would also help do all the editing I need did I try my first book, knowing I did not need a publisher and could use Amazon, did I try my luck at a book.
  2. What got you into history? My love of knowing the who and why behind events. Many times what I found is not what was taught in school.
  3. When did you become interested in the mafia? Seeing the film Valachi Papers then reading that book and many others. Then finding out Milwaukee had a Mafia
  4. What important things should other writers know about YouTube? Lots of classes taught by experts great way to learn on many many subjects.
  5. What do you think makes a good book cover? Using a pro not having a cover that looks like a child made it.
  6. What tricks have you learned about marketing books? Lots Facebook ads suck, try new ideas, keep track of your ROI on ad spends. Get on Podcasts and other media it all helps HAVE A WEB PAGE
  7. What reaction does your family have to your books? Sadly they do not care wish they would, my Cat cares that’s nice.
  8. When you’re not being an awesome author, what can we catch you doing? Reading, living on Twitter. @Themilwaukeemob
  9. What’s your favorite writing drink? RC Cola !
  10. What advice would you give to new writers? If you like to write please do. Lots of places to post it for others to enjoy. If your goal is to be a full time paid writer its a full time job, Writing takes time marketing takes more time. Never read the reviews haters have to hate. Also try Co writing great way to meet other writers and learn from one another.

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