Write Better: Building A Book Concept

There is so much out in the world that inspires us to write. But jumping into that novel is a whole different beast. Having a concept layed out can help you stay on track and motivated to finish. So let’s look at what it takes to create and maintain a concept for your manuscript.

1. Use your passions to your advantage. Do you love horror, or romance? That’s what you should be writing. So many ideas; so which one is the best? Well, take some time to write down all your ideas. Then allow yourself to spend 10 minutes envisioning how each idea will play out. Next let these ideas roll around for a week or two. The one that haunts you the most is the path you should take.

2. Getting focused on the story you’re telling is important. Create the world your imagination will live in, and keep it in mind as much as you can. Give yourself an hour a day to just write, and put that brain to work. Constantly keep your characters in mind and let them speak to you; let them take you on the journey.

3. Words are hard. So use them! Try writing poetry as a warm up to your work time on your current draft. Use your search engines regularly for the right words to set your scene and describe your character in your vision.

4. Keep your skills in mind. We all have strengths, use your expertise to the max and write what you know. Blogging is a great way to practise working with your skills and developing your writing in your genre.

Now go write something!

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