Writer Resources: Social Media

Tons of new social sites are popping up across the world wide web. But its hard to know which ones will take off and which ones will flop. Part of staying relative is knowing where your audience hangs out. So today, here are some social media accounts you should have. No matter what your genre is.

Facebook: By now, if you don’t at least have a Facebook account, you’re going to have a rough go at catching up. One of the most well known social site, authors find Facebook is worth the effort. You can plan events and share with groups of readers. Not to mention, most of my sales come from just posting my book link on my page. Now keep in mind that you are presenting as a professional, so keep your posted related to your works, blog, events, and short personal notes to your fan base.

Twitter: That little blue bird is the number one site for promoting books and gaining readership. At least 7 sales per month come from my Twitter posts. It may not seem like a lot, but its up from 4 last month. You can maximize your reach through the plethera of hashtags that target the readers you want. Again keep it professional, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun. I also found I get more interaction with my readers. The people of Twitter are not afraid to give answers to your questions!

Goodreads: This is a MUST for all authors. This site is designed just for readers and my luck with connecting has been amazing. You can show off your favorite reads as well as sharing reviews for your books. This wordy world is the Twitter of book lovers everywhere. Its easy to use and links with amazon for easy sharing.

TikTok: No, not Ke$ha’s hit single. I’m talking the social media site blazing new pathways in the book world. Clips of your day to day life keep you relatable and with the times. Mix in shorts with your books and BOOM! Readers are looking for books in new places and this one is a hit!

Now these are just 4 of many! Keep your readers in mind and research where they spend time online. This will tell you the best places for your books. Now get back to writing!

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