March Reads

Jerry McNeal didn’t ask to be born with the gift of premonition. Nor did he ask to be haunted by the ghost of a K-9 police dog that doesn’t even appear to like him. And yet, in the second book in The Jerry McNeal Series, Jerry finds himself saddled with both.

As Jerry struggles to coexist with his new ghostly companion, he must also follow the feeling that warns him of imminent danger in order to save Savannah – a psychic medium who unknowingly puts her own life at risk when she refuses to give her client bad news.

Will Pennsylvania State Trooper McNeal be able to find the dog another companion to attach itself to? Or will Jerry finally accept things he has no power to change and make a decision that will alter his life forever?

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Dead Birds is Steve Cain’s 9th book and is a collection of poetry and song lyrics. The author weaves you through a world of love, death, grief, insanity, and fun that will have you experiencing emotional highs and lows through the book. Notable titles contained in this work are “Dead Birds,” “Graves of Lovers,” “Burnt Toast,” “Just Breathe,” “Los Muertos,” “Pretty Things,” “Shh,” “The Hornets’ Nest Shaken,” and “Words Are All I Have.” Come explore the author’s world and check out his other works on Amazon!

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Celebrating your voice starts early. No matter who you are or where you come from, your voice matters! A loving introduction to what it means to use your voice to speak out, I Celebrate My Voice shows 3 to 8-year-old children the importance of being confident in what they believe in—even if they’re the only one.
By drawing examples from the diverse animal kingdom, this book reaffirms to children that their voices matter and that although some communication styles can be different, they’re all equally important.

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FBI Agent Harold Palmer returns!

Years after the traumatic events in Sommersville, GA (as told in the novel, EVIL WAYS, still on sale), Harold Palmer still can’t shake his final showdown in Sommersville with a maniacal killer. Recovery is a long process.

Donnie Lehmann is one of America’s Most Wanted, a domestic terrorist who seeks to overthrow the United States government, Lehmann and his cult of followers have been in hiding the past couple of years, planning their next attack. The time is now.

When Harold and the Joint Terrorism Task Force raid one of Lehmann’s safe houses, the terrorist sets his sites on the Task Force. Before he can go after his biggest target to date, Donnie Lehmann sentences the members of the Task Force to death. Now, the hunters become the hunted.

Can Harold Palmer and his team catch their quarry before he gets them?

Evil Intent is a suspenseful cat and mouse game wrapped in explosive packaging.

Get it HERE

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