Write Better: Writers Anxiety

Do you dread sitting down to write? Do you feel nervous about the job you love? Never fear, help is here. All writers are a little aprehensive about their work, but I want to dive deeper, and help you learn to live with your writers anxiety.

What is writers anxiety? Easy, it when you feel apprehensive and pessimistic about writing. Pressures of adjusting to a new writing style or trying to please a critic from the past can really bring down your mojo. A good thing to help overcome this is to focus on your strengths. Even when finding your way through a new style, you can use your skills to write the best book possible. Remember writing is a complex proccess, and stress is normal. Outlining before you write is a great way to relieve some of the nerves you feel about putting words to paper.

Seek out writing groups to talk about what you’re going through, and learn from others struggles. Ask questions, and dare to ask someone to give you feedback. There are tons of ways to live around your anxiety, so get out there and write something.

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