April Reads

Erik Simpson is a brilliant young zoologist who has no memory of his life before the age of sixteen. Trained by his aging foster father, a world renowned zoologist, Erik astounds his colleagues with his insights into animal behavior. As his thirtieth birthday approaches, Erik has a recurring dream of stumbling through the Amazon jungle, hunted by a black jaguar. One night he dreams of the hunt, first as an observer, then as the jaguar itself on the prowl in California’s High Sierras where he comes upon campers and mauls them in a savage frenzy. The next day he receives a call from the National Park Service asking for assistance investigating a bizarre animal attack. When he goes to the camp site, he recognizes it from his dream and tells the authorities that it was a jaguar, and shows them precisely how it happened. His quest for the truth leads him into a murky world of magical plants and ancient shamanic rituals that ultimately bring him face to face with the enigmatic mystery of his past.

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The town of Rock Creek, Colorado, has been decimated by a plague. The only survivors are middle- and high-school kids. How they escaped the plague is unknown, but they have more pressing issues, like staying alive. Food and other necessities are limited. The survivors begin banding together to reform the community. Meagan Greene is among them. Yet Meagan is not so frightened and grief-stricken to see there ulterior motives behind the new government of Rock Creek. Under the guise of returning order, tyranny is taking control, stamping out anyone and anything in its way. And the next target on the new government’s list is Meagan and her friends…

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The lies they spew fall out of their mouths and tangle into webs of deceit they can’t escape. It traps them and holds them hostage leaving nothing but chaos in the way.

What happens when the lies come back to haunt you and you have nothing left to do but try to spin more? Is there anything that could stop them or would it be the one thing that makes them lose their heads?

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Alison Stevens is a shy teenager who tries to be the Mom for her family after her mother passes away. She devotes her life to pleasing everyone, but nothing seems to work the way she wants. What happens when the best of intentions lead to the worst misunderstandings? When a widowed father only seems to see what is in front of his face, and a child feels abandoned and unloved? When Alison runs away to find the one person she knows will understand her, life will never be the same again. One decision made in a moment of anger and grief will change an entire family. Warning: Due to the sensitive subject matter, this book may not be suitable for all readers. It contains the abduction of a fifteen-year-old girl and the ramifications of her abduction on her as well as on her entire family.

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