Writers Resources: POV

Did you know we now have 4 different points of view? Let’s go over them and learn a little more about this new view point.

1st person

Your main character is telling the story as they see it. Pronouns like “I” and “Me” are common in 1st person writing. As humans (unless an unusal breed of human) speak in a 1st person point of view. Even this very blog is written in 1st person because I am telling you all this from my prespective.

Now don’t get to cocky! This point of view is great to help characters relate to readers, but it can be overdone. This will make the character sound unlikeable and just plain whiny! Yes, there is such a thing as too much introspection.

This can also mean that you no longer need italicized thoughts. Essentally the whole story is the internal thoughts of the person we’re following.

2nd Person POV

This point of view completely avoid the use of most pronouns like “I”, “me”, “her”, and on. Instead “you” is the pronoun of choice. Think “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, or text-based games. This is an uncommon type of writing style and a little more challenging, to say the least.

If you want to find some good examples try this link: https://bookriot.com/books-written-in-the-second-person/

3rd Person Limited

Picture it this way: You’re sitting on the shoulder of you main character and telling their story. This is LIMITED by just using one point of view. Even if the chatacter you follow changes, it is still that SINGLE view. And of course it’s 3rd person because you are telling the story for the character. You’re in tune with that one story, the characters thoughts and feelings come out on the page as you narrate.

3rd Person Omniscient

What’s the best part of 3rd person omniscient? You get to play god! Only with the characters in your story, but you still controll the story. As the conductor of this well orchistated plan, you dictate everything the characters do and say.

You get to know what everyone is feeling and thinking before they do. This style of writing is the second most commonly used POV overall( 1st person takes the cake as most used POV), and first choice for most children’s books.

Thanks for coming to ………….. wait what? There’s another POV?

4th Person

This newer POV is more uncommon than 2nd person. Sticking to pronouns like “one”, “someone”, “anyone”, “we”, and “our” this prespective is collective.

Refering to something that many people do, or to avoid a passive voice are common uses of 4th person POV and is becoming a little more visible in today’s writing. If you feel daring enough to try this POV, send me a link, I’d love to see more of it!

Now go write something!

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