Write Better: Blurbs

One of the hardest parts for me is writing a blurb for my novel. You only get a small space to make readers crave more, so make that sale count! Here are some things to help you get it right!


Welcome to 2022! If you aren’t using keywords in your blurbs, you’re not using the internet right! Simply Google-ing keywords is a start, but also consider looking up similar titles. See what keywords pop out at you. Bonus: it’s yet another way to relate to your readers!

The Stakes

Will they or won’t they? Will they find the criminal? What dire stakes are in your novel? Your blurb should hint at these stakes, and thusly targeting the right reader.

Questions that need answers/problem that needs solved

Every reader wants to be hooked by the feels. Introduce the problem in the beginning so the reader will be desperate to reader more. Try writing a rough blurb while you’re going through edits and refine.


Now I’m not saying give them the payload, but a few small spoilers never hurt and may in fact help. When dropping your novels drama on the readers elude to little juicy bits.


This is the refinery point! Run your blurb by a small group, or post it on your fan page and see what they say. The best feedback comes directly from the readers mouths!

Now go write something!

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