Writer Resources: The Schedule

Even I have a tough time keeping to a schedule. But I’m sure you noticed with all the missing posts lately. I am not always as prepared as I want to be and I make mistakes, but we’re always learning. So today I thought we’d take a look into sites that help you keep your posting schedule.


Considering the cost of about $26 per month (depending on the plan you choose) you can create, edit, schedule, approve, and most to multipul platforms at once. Up to 50 accounts can be connected at the premium account.

They boast a straight forward, step by step, processes. The site allows you to view comments and respond as well, keeping you updated on all fronts.

Click HERE for more.


The micro plan (great for indie authors) starts at a small $29 per month. Sendible reaches more platforms including YouTube, for flawless posting to your platforms.

Offering analytics, intergrated dashboard, and CRM, you stay in the know and can easily edit content to fit your readers likes.

Get more HERE


This truly encompasses ALL your favorite platfroms. That’s right, from Facebook to TikTok, you can connect them all. Schedule, and publishing tools are easy to use.

The pricing starts at just $10 a month.

A small downside is they don’t offer editing tools for videos.

This app is up on the app store for Android and iOS


Connect your social media AND creative sites like Canva for easier content creation and planning. I am investing in this myself. You can reach EVERY platform you need to post on. Get the analyitics, and see clearly what’s working and whats not.

24/7 LIVE support is there for ANY issues you have.

However, this amazing, all in one stop is pricy at $59 per month. Though, I feel that the ROI will far outweigh the price.

This is also an app, but is up on the app store.


I started on Buffer. It’s easy to use for beginers and starts wil a Free account and connecting up to 3 accounts for free. The do offer paid options that allow you to connect more platforms and reach more people.

Buffer offers customizing of content. The free version offers you up to 10 scheduled posts at a time, however with the paid options, you can schedule unlimited posts to be shared all at once.

Find more HERE


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