July Reads

A coming-of-age story of a young girl in the opiate-south. Candy navigates growing up in a situation that is less than ideal with humor and spunk. She is hilarious in her observations, smart, and completely irrepressible. Her “Candy-isms” are real and brutally honest! This book explores the boundaries of a mother’s unconditional love, and delves into themes of the importance of family and relationships above all else in the South, especially for those living in poverty. Set in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina, themes of domestic violence, drug abuse, drug addiction, criminal activity, and coming of age are developed as Candy resiliently makes it through all of the traumas life throws at her with an often sardonic sense of humor. Even though this is not the most functional family in the world, they ARE a family that you could drag yourself to when you’ve been shot in the butt, and they’d help you, no questions asked.

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Science Officer Queste of the StarCorp ship ‘Orionsstar’ rescues and befriends a roguishly charming slave, known as Thak. Thak possesses psychic and telekinetic abilities which enables him to survive on primitive worlds, with their bizarre predatory beasts and exotically lethal environments. Under Queste’s tutelage, Thak becomes enlightened from Stone Age knowledge to Space Age awareness of the Coalition of Planets and their soul purpose: To bring Peace & Protection throughout the Galaxy. Now armed with a new hope, can Thak convince Star Corp to free his fellow slaves without starting an Interplanetary War? Thak’s escapades are fraught with anti-bullying themes as he develops a philosophy to cherish life with all its endless possibilities and worthwhile goals, to be content with whatever actions you choose to take and to never let your values be stripped away. ‘FATE, HOPE & THAK’ is a Sci-Fi Adventure filled with warmth, wit and humor between its engaging characters. An enjoyably entertaining and infectious Space Saga

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When PI Lee Alvarez goes on her honeymoon with bridegroom, Gurn Hanson, they find a dead woman practically on their doorstep. Kauai breezes may be soft, but there are gale force winds of accusation against Gurn. Will Lee find the real killer before her new hubby gets sent to a Hawaiian hoosegow?

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Can’t find her.

Can’t catch him.

Can’t trust anyone.

The first in a gripping new Sheffield-set crime series starring Detective Claudia Nunn.

Detective Claudia Nunn’s colleague DS Dominic Harrison has been leading the case against a dangerous serial killer, who hunts his victims using a dating app. But now his own wife has gone missing.

Then a large pool of blood is discovered in their garage. And Dominic is the prime suspect.

Is Dominic being framed by a serial killer or will Claudia expose an even uglier truth?

Can’t tell a soul how it ends.

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