Write Better: The Elevator Pitch

I decided, recently, that I needed to take a look at my book and freshen it up a bit. And in the polishing process I noted something important I had missed. My elevator pitch!

So I set out to prove to myself I don’t need one, but I failed. My sales were way down at in person shows because I didn’t have a proper elevator pitch for my book. Thus, the journey began, and I set out to find the best practises in building a pitch.

Firstly, its got to be short. I mean it! No more than 50 words is the industry standard. This pitch is meant to be shared in seconds.

Give the reader a sense of what they can expect in your story.

Add a bit about how the reader will feel while wrapped up in your words.

Lastly polish your pitch with texture, details, and Rhythm.

Now give it a few runs out loud. Run it by a friend or spouse, adjust as needed, and repeat until its just right and doesn’t feel forced.

One thought on “Write Better: The Elevator Pitch

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  1. As you know, I’m a HUGE proponent of this. If I can’t hook someone into wanting one of my works in fifteen seconds, then talking for two minutes isn’t likely to thrill them either.


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