August Reads

People think they know what punishment is, but they have no idea. I’d lived enough lifetimes of misery that I’m an expert.
Soleil was my soulmate, but I was a Watcher and it was prohibited for us to be together.
After we were caught, she was ripped away, leaving me begging for death. Dropped into the middle of the Civil War, I thought my wish had been granted. Little did I know, my punishment was my anguish on Earth and it would never end.
For years, I was a lost soul, wandering—until I found the Ankeny RBMC. With them, something within my empty chest settled and I dared put down roots.
When she showed up on our doorstep, I was stunned. Except she had no memory of me or that it was my fault her brother died.
Now, a sinister evil is toying with us, threatening to separate us… permanently.
It’s not happening on my watch. I failed once before, and we lost heaven to have each other. But nothing in hell would keep us apart.
They call me Sabre, but this is my real story.

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If I know anything about my family, it’s that the only way to fit in was to join the family business.Stella, the infamous Gypsy Killer and her daughter Dreamer, forever known as Gypsy’s Girl, are my Stepmother and Stepsister.While they were out having fun, I was left behind to clean up after them. Don’t worry, I learned a thing or two. I had to, it was the only way to fit in.I learned more than they thought though. I was smarter than both of them. This girl, that was unwanted, can seduce and take whatever she wants.The best part though, when you are invisible, you get away with it. It is Hazel’s turn to play. The law believes they have stopped it all but I am just getting started. Somebody else can clean up my mess. This princess is taking her throne.

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Storm has grown up to be a very successful defense attorney living in a mini mansion in Miami with her heart surgeon husband Dashawn and young daughter Salena. Life is going better than she ever expected and she has no idea that her abusive ex-boyfriend is out of jail and on the hunt for her. Train has been given a second chance at freedom but instead of doing something constructive with his life he goes on the hunt for Storm. Once he discovers where Storm now lives he sets out to find her with the twisted delusion of revenge in mind hurting and killing anyone that he deems an obstacle in his path to Storm.

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Trigger warning.That’s what the front entrance should say. Instead, it lies the same way the outsiders do. Week after week, it cheerfully ushers unsuspecting loved ones and visitors to the registration desk where they’ll sign day passes to visit us: the broken girls. The lost. The forgotten. The damaged. The twisted. Every Saturday—Sundays on holidays too—outsiders will visit with no clue what really goes on in the place they’ve sent us to where nothing ever changes. With dull eyes and plastic smiles, we’ll nod, grin, and take their hopeful offerings of trinkets from a deceitful world they don’t believe we’re ready for. When the visit concludes, we’ll return to the perverse happenings that go on seven days a week inside The Retreat. Only now, we’ll do it with new rules because they’ve taught us so well what it is to be cruel, broken, and even triggered. We have secrets too. The difference is, unsupervised, we’ll be honest with you. Welcome to The Retreat. We’re waiting for you…

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When Sarah wakes up in a pod, nowhere she recognizes, she knows something has gone entirely wrong. Worse, she soon finds there are hundreds more women in the same situation as her.

The will to survive and find out what’s happened allows her to get out only to find there is no true freedom – because all that surrounds her is space.

Sarah’s strong heart wants to save them all somehow, but a complication name Ki’Elle is standing in her way and confusing everything she thinks she knows to be true.

Soon, there might come an impossible choice between her duty to help these women back home and where her heart might be inexplicably pulling her.

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