September Reads

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy a good book! Just click the image to buy!

Set in the very near future, a young businessman discovers a technological breakthrough, capable of improving the lives of all humankind. How could he know that it would be stolen from him and turned into something evil and twisted. This epic adventure delves into the growing conflict between the weakness of the human condition and modern technology. It is an introspective look into society and what could happen, should we continue along our current path. Have power, greed, and arrogance propelled us beyond the point of no return? Is there still time to save ourselves? The clock is ticking in this novel that pits us against our own creations.
Why do we seek to control events in our lives when so much is determined in the spiritual realm?
Highlights the power of turning it all over to God.
Derived from a journal kept over the course of a year of invasions into an otherwise idyllic lifestyle.
His life has been a cocktail of melancholy, sorrow, and desire. When a skateboarder dips his pen into poetry, what will his passion create?
After a lifetime of abuse and the tragic loss of his mother, NYC teen Michael Daniels needed an outlet. Despite his cheerful nature, his inner mind was teeming with the stark contrast of darkness and light. So, in this volume full of imagery and symbolism, his underground rhymes reflect days full of extreme sports, failed relationships, and nostalgic memories.
Written by Bernard Jan in character as the hero from his novel Cruel Summer, this channeled view of the world is an extravaganza of extremes. And in its groundbreaking perspectives, you’ll discover the cries of a heart longing to be understood.
Buy this book of poetry and feel Michael’s passion through these unusual literary postcards.
A Quirky Comedy. Love, dirty deeds and a bullying boss. In order to deal with her work stress, brought about by her Toxic Boss, Melanie embarks on a writing career. The only problem is what genre should she choose? Bank teller by day and potential Crime Writer by night, Melanie Hamilton’s double life was going to get her into a lot of trouble one of these days!

Melanie’s passion for amateur sleuthing led her on a dangerous quest, to expose her neighbour’s philandering ways to his wife! Ably assisted by her best friend Lynn the two spend many an evening checking HIM out.
Dash of Romance.
All characters and events come straight from the author’s imagination.

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