Author Interview: Wulf F. Godgluck

Speaking of names, how do you go about naming characters?

My characters speak to me mostly, sometimes there’s already a name when they first pop into my head. Other times, I base it off the characters’ backgrounds, their ethnicity, the period the story plays off in, and whether the book is paranormal or contemporary. I do try to seek unique names that fit their personality when I do need to pick one for them.

What genre(s) do you enjoy writing!  

Queer horror. Paranormal. Dark contemporary romance. I have some fantasy and sci-fi manuscripts that are unpublished. But mostly all my books have some tone of dark or gray to them.

When did you know you had the writing bug?

I’ve always had characters in my head, even from a young childhood, my imagination has been unrelenting in creating worlds and stories. I never actually considered writing them into stories. I first wanted to do graphic novels, though I am artistic with drawings I am not nearly on that level some other artists are.

I picked up a book from Kim Dare called Pack Discipline, after reading the first in the series, I would say the writing bug bit me. I started writing on the Wulf Chronicles around 2009. Not that I was very good back then, it was only in 2015 that I felt ready and had matured enough as a writer to publish my first book.

Where do you hope to be with you writing in five years?

Financially stable enough for my husband to retire. I’m not looking to be Stephen King famous, just want to be making enough to support me and the HusBear on my writing, and at that time in my writing career to at least have all the series I have out completed in full. So, readers can stop begging me for the characters HEA as I tend to use those sparingly *grins evilly*

When not writing, what are you doing?

Video games. They are basically my relaxation. A total gaymer at heart. As much as I love to lose myself in building my own worlds, I too love to get lost in the worlds video game developers create. I also do read but not nearly as much as I probably should.

What is your favorite writing drink?

Tea, sweet tea made from the sad heartbroken tears of my readers. But also, coffee, no sugar, when I’m feeling extra spicy and want to drive the darkness up a notch.

Water is for the weak!  *Silently sips my water as Daddy told me to*

What is your ideal writing space like?

Cold. Winter cold that seeps into your bones and makes your soul feel like shaking glass, with lots of rain to a company utter silence. I also can’t write when people are around me. So I would say isolation is needed probably more than anything else. My desk is clean aside from a mug stained with the aftermath of the previous liquid of coffee or tea.

What do you feel is your biggest struggle?

In writing, argh! Plotting, and the way main and side characters can sidetrack the story with their own agenda. I’m a pantser so I never plot, I experience the story as a reader would while I write. But, with that, also comes days where characters go dead silent, sometimes for months on end. When writing a series that can cause some major delays.

When it comes to publishing? Promotion and advertising, or asking readers for reviews, I hate begging. But it’s part of being a self-published author.

What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work?

Appreciation of the journey, regardless of the outcome. Not all endings are happy. Most of all, an emotional connection with one or more of the characters, to fully understand the actions and reasons behind them, regardless of if one agrees or not. 

Where can readers learn more about you?

The best palace would be through my writing. I have a full length free novel that you can grab from Amazon Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius did I mention it is FREE 🙂 And here is my linktree:

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