Write Better: How Many WIP’s is too Many?

I am a huge offender of having multiple works-in-progress. Yeah, I said it. And at one point every writer finds more than one project at a time. So, how many is too many? Let’s figure it out!

The Pros:

The panther in me loves to have seven tabs up at one time. I write what I want when I want. This helps when I get blocked up and need to change things up. There is no method and total chaos and I find this is when all the ideas hit me at once.

I’m a vivid dreamer. This multi WIP approach helps when my brain changes stories mid writing. Somehow this calms some of the chaos going on in my office.

The Cons:

I do get things mixed up, and have suffered through more rewrites than I care to admit.

Then the stress of planning a series for each piece, the marketing, it all snowballs out of control and I start to dislike my craft.

The Fix:

After 13 years, I finally caved and started taking some of my own advice. I only have one project at a time. However, I keep another document open, and take notes when the next book idea springs to life.

So the answer you have all been waiting for…

Do what you’re comfortable with! But I recommend just one at a time.

Now go write something.


2 thoughts on “Write Better: How Many WIP’s is too Many?

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  1. I recently had three projects going. I made progress, but it was slow until I got far enough ahead in one piece that I could finish it quickly. Now, I have whittled this down to two editing projects (an anthology for another publisher and one for me) along with one writing job where I blow off steam when editing becomes too intense for me.

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