October Reads

Party girl Anna is out for a good time, drinking and dancing with her friends. She doesn’t have a care in the world.
And she’s just about to make the worst decision of her entire life.

Rock musician Dwayne has just played another frustrating gig to a less than full house of folks who couldn’t care at all about live music. Now he’s driving out on the highway, looking to find a room for the night and catch some sleep.

Teenager Glenn is en route home after a school excursion. There’s been trouble with the bus all day, so this bunch of school kids and their teachers are travelling lonely roads late at night. There’s about to be even more trouble for the bus, and all its occupants.

The lives of these three individuals are going to collide in a way none of them could have ever imagined.
All three of them, miles from home, are going to find themselves stranded out in the hostile wilderness, where something very wrong is going on.

This domain isn’t just a tangled maze of dark woods and rough country where one could wander around lost for days. It’s not uninhabited out here.

Aside from the mistrusting, secretive, reserved folks who choose to dwell out in these parts, this land belongs to something else.

Something terrible, something relentless. Something with an insatiable appetite for violence and a deadly thirst for bloodshed.

For those who don’t belong out here, and even for those who do, nightmares are going to come true.

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Detective Dallas Scott was a cocky, selfish womanizer until a car accident lands him in a coma. Stuck between life and death, Scott makes a deal with Lucifer: let him live so he can catch the hitman who killed his partner, and when it’s checkout time, Lucifer can collect his soul. What Scott didn’t count on was that when he wakes up from the coma, he can now see souls. And there are plenty of them, including another detective who was killed in the line of duty under mysterious circumstances, and the soul of a girl who is determined to help Scott find the killer.
But with crooked cops, an evil soul bent on revenge, and his wife teetering on the brink of depression, Scott has his work cut out for him . . . if he can stay alive and out of the hands of Lucifer.

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Destiny has approached. A painful past is explored. School is in session.

Zack and Zara have survived their first brush with nobles at the Academy. An experience that has left them trapped, lost inside a portal they were forced to enter.

If they can make it back, it will be their turn to make the rules and create some havoc.

Together they have grown stronger, pushing back against their past, and now they have something new, a friend. The portals which gave them a way to fight back, to claim the life they always wanted, have done more than that.

It brought them into the spotlight and made Zara a princess.

Everything is changing. Now they just have to survive what comes next.

This series is set in the Game of Gods universe.

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Unpredictably, animals would become encased in beautiful gemstone cocoons, and the soul that slept inside would be bathed in abstract horror. Once that nightmarish form finalized its shape, the envelope would shatter, and an aberration was born. As the people prayed for a miracle, a new kind of human had awoken. The age of the Sorcerers had begun.
This tale follows Captain Siora Fengeros, the leader of the Blue Roses. An ambitious team of imperial knights tasked with protecting the new nation from both monsters and magic alike. Inside the Squad is the Sorcerer Ailuin Aragwyn. He is an illegal asset that Siora plans to exploit for her climb to the top of the Empire… Is their friendship worth dying for?

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After receiving Michael’s angelic blood and overcoming his cursed condition, Arel continues on his quest to reclaim his self-worth and to live a normal life. His hopes of succeeding are suddenly dashed when William, the person Arel holds responsible for cursing him, seeks Arel out.

Their upcoming reunion becomes a challenge that Arel never counted on. After triumphing over the darkness that took over his life, he was sure he’d never be at the mercy of his negative emotions again. However, his hatred for William and his bitterness over what he’d suffered because of William consumes him completely. His angelic friend, Michael, tries to advise Arel to stay on course, but Arel’s need for revenge threatens to override Michael’s wisdom.

When the fateful day arrives and Arel meets with William, he’s left with a decision. Will he use Michael’s angelic gift to remain in the light? Or will he use his new found powers in a way that will ultimately damn him once again?

The book series, The Vampire Reclamation Project, begins with Arel’s quest to reclaim his true self. As the story continues, it expands into a tapestry of interwoven lives and lifetimes. A group of individuals come together to resolve issues surrounding love, hate, trust and betrayal. With the angelic help of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, the group is also reunited with a purpose that goes beyond the norm and enters the realm of mystery. Their task isn’t always easy, but all involved learn that they have extraordinary abilities and power. They find ways to reach for the stars while grounding themselves in brotherhood.

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