Write Better: Author Autographs

Tell me, what do you anticipate a doctors handwriting to look like?

While you hope to be able to read the ink on the page, there is a reason doctors are primarily digital with notes, and anything that was once noted by hand. I can remember watching pharmacists squint trying to make letters out of chicken scratches.

That being said, I truly dislike meeting an author, getting an autograph, and not being able to read the name. Not to mention any little notes left just for me. We know your busy, and we readers ask for a ton, we want to read your handwriting over and over while we dwell in meeting our favorite writers.

As an author, I am guilty of scribbling my name on the paper of my book, I always aim for legible notes to my fans.

Might I suggest something a little juvenile, and say, practice your handwriting! Your readers deserve to cherish your name and your work.

Now go write something!


One thought on “Write Better: Author Autographs

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  1. Amen! I collected comic book creator autographs and after a while, I had to finally write down who signed what as their signatures were illegible (although some, like Jim Steranko, were practically art pieces).

    As for my own, I’d add (since I am paranoid and proud of it) that my autograph does not resemble my legal signature. And yes, some days, the autograph is difficult to read, but my John Hancock looks like evidence of a stroke.

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