Writer Resources: Marketing That Works.

Its sad when the only messages you get are from “book promoters” claiming you’ll sell hundreds of books. They’ll flash numbers at you and show you a few other books that were “successful”, but should you know better?

Yes, you should! Just like most things in life, its too good to be true! 95% of all “book promoters” will promise you a huge return on your investment to them. But when the books don’t sell, the promoter that was once confident, now shrugs, unable to tell you what happened. There’s no satisfaction promise; no one to hold accountable when things don’t go as planned.

But who can you trust for help?

Well I would send you to a few of my good friends!

I’d start with Fiction-Atlas Press LLC. They offer amazing author services customized to you. But what’s more important, they back up what they offer. Meaning you will actually see the results you seek.

I am well aware that there are more than just one place to get actual results. However, I have seen the hard work pay off for the author, and know for a fact you’d never get scammed. So check them out first, and as I uncover more legit services I will certainly tell.


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