December Reads

Molly O’Brien is a spitfire. She co-own a successful salon with her best friends and is living that single girl life. She’s got a smart mouth, a warm heart and a string of terrible dates trailing behind her. After she meets sexy fireman, Brenden Clarke, she starts to think her luck with dating may have changed. When a very public altercation with her ex sets off a chain of events that has her fearing for her life, Molly has to decide if she’ll be the damsel in distress or a total BADASS.

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The story left me ready for more adventures with all the characters. I look forward to the next book from this author – Kelly Stuhr, Senior Des Moines Police OfficerBrett O’Shea is a young street cop in Des Moines trying to make detective. He works by the book and doesn’t believe in hocus-pocus. When a killer begins terrorizing the streets of his city, Brett is forced to alter his view of the paranormal world when a ghost appears in his bedroom.Al is an irreverent, rule-breaking ghost, and his appearance forces Brett to reassess all his no-nonsense beliefs. Logic goes right out the window when Al offers to help catch the man terrorizing the city as well as solve the murder of his detective grandfather in 1933. It soon becomes apparent the killer lurking in the dark corners of Des Moines has strange capabilities. Brett and Al are on a supernatural rollercoaster, and they find danger at every turn. How is Brett supposed to stop a killer with otherworldly powers, and what does the murderer have to do with his grandfather? To save the city, Brett and Al must become a half dead crime fighting duo or lose everything.

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Benito Blanco feels insecure about bringing his beloved blanket to his friend Manny’s house. He worries about being teased and viewed as babyish by his school friend but soon shows Manny what his blanket can become during their day of play.

Sometimes it can be hard to share the things that make us unique, but individual likes and interests make people special. An open mind and creativity can help show how extraordinary we all are.

Benny’s Blanket is a colorfully illustrated rhyming book encouraging friendship, understanding, and imaginative play.

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Certified Humor Professional Jennifer Keith shares personal experiences of trauma cushioned by humor to empower you with the skills to take those traumatic losses in your life and soothe them with lessons of learning and laughter. Finding the funny is an arduous process when facing trauma and loss, but moving through the pain with a balance of humor and joy can ease the memory of the darkness next time the triggers pop up. You too can embrace the healing of trauma and loss with humor – it doesn’t mean trauma is funny at all – and reduce the stress of your memories by finding the funny faster.

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The Prince of Buit has been missing for a year when the public finally finds out – through two summer camps run by teenagers with magical powers, also known as Magics.
Ashlyn Kave has been saved by the prince before, so she wants to repay the favor.
Elysian Viggo knows nothing of the prince. Or does she? – she’s lost her memory. But she knows it’s the heroic thing to do.
Along with the help of their friends and other alliances, will they be able to overcome their bitter past and get to the prince in time, or will their failure wreak havoc across their kingdom, dooming the ones they love?

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