February Reads

Do we ever really move on from the one that got away?

Charissa Collins is a newly published author who embodies both strength and vulnerability. She embraces her sexuality and isn’t afraid to go after anything she wants.

At her first book signing, she runs into her old flame, Robert Lockland. The magnetic pull between them is irresistible, but the pain from their past runs deep. Then, Charissa connects with a warm and intriguing stranger named Tristen Mickelson, who helps her forget her long-lost lover – for a little while.

Charissa finds herself in an unconventional situation that makes her question everything she’s ever believed about relationships. She struggles to make a choice, uncertain if either option will fulfill her desires – or if she really needs to choose at all…

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Gilbert Vergo is a typical minimum wage working man living in Eugene, Oregon, who’s down on his luck, and trying to find his own path in the world. Then one day the world literally comes to smash down his door, and pull him outside to an insane Circus where he is center stage due to the fact that he is the only follower on the internet of Ultra-tripleX, the perpetrator behind the mass shooting at a Fraternity’s Halloween party in the college town Shaker Krista in California. Gilbert is accused for being an accessory, having foreknowledge of the events, and did nothing about it. With the help of his ex-girlfriend and a group calling themselves the League of Liberty, Gilbert attempts to fight and prove his innocence. But in an era where society desperately needs to point a finger at who is to blame for horrific acts of violence, it will be harder for Gilbert to do so.

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Fighting to save a primitive planet targeted by the Alliance’s enemies, Kairn never expected to find the female who haunted his dreams made flesh and blood.

Daria’s life revolved around her work. She had given up on finding romance…let alone love. Earth was now under attack by an evil alien empire—under siege. Daria is trying to do her job as best she can in an upside-down world. Then the cavalry arrives…in the form of giant, gorgeous alien warriors.

These aliens are working toward restoring Earth to the pristine beauty she used to be. In their charismatic leader, Daria finds the most amazing partner. What’s an Earth girl to do but grab on with both hands and hold on tight to enjoy the ride? After all…what could possibly go wrong?

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Is there any sentient life on Yerak or Isal?

In the distant future there are only three habitable planets, Laasp, Yerak, and Isal. All the rest are covered by ice because nearby stars have cooled off or gone supernova. Only two spacecrafts, both on Laasp, are designed to travel in deep space. Both vessels must leave this planet soon. If they don’t gamma rays are going to kill both ships’ crew.

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Secrets, gossip, and a murder that could reveal all.
Harry Thurgood just wants a quiet life, and to leave his past in the past. And he thinks he’s found the perfect place in sleepy Magnolia Bluff, Texas. Until the murder of a prominent citizen threatens to let the skeletons out of his closet.
Quiet and unassuming, the Reverend Ember Cole wants nothing more than to be a good pastor to her congregation. And when her friendship with Harry threatens her job, she has to choose between friendship and the church.
However, when the murder is pinned on Ember, Harry decides he and Ember have to find the real killer to keep Ember out of jail and Harry’s past in the past.
But when Harry and Ember are almost killed in a hit and run, they realize the killer will stop at nothing to avoid being found. Even if he has to kill again.
Death Wears a Crimson Hat by CW Hawes is the first book in the new multi-author crime series: The Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles. Each book in the series will be written by one of The Underground Authors and will feature action, suspense, humor, and, of course, murder.

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