Author Interview: Britany Cournoyer

  1. For the readers who don’t know you, can you tell us what genre/s you write in?
  2. I write in M/M. The subcategories contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense, and rom-com
  3. At what age did you know you had to write?
  4. What do you feel was most difficult in putting a book together?
  5. Coming up with the beginning and closing lines!
  6. Real young! I’ve loved to read since I was old enough to know what a book was, and then when I was around 9 or 10, I started writing little stories in journals.
  7. What advice do you wish you had before you started writing?
  8. That while putting words on paper in hopes to tell a story is a major part of writing, there are a lot more things that go into publishing. Blood, sweat, tears, money, and an entire time behind you to make sure your book is a perfect as you hope it is.
  9. What do you think new authors need to know before jumping in?
  10. Writing is hard, sometimes isolating, and burnout is a real thing. But it’s also rewarding to see your name on a book that you had written, and when people reach out to you to tell you how much they loved your story.
  11. What do you hope readers take away from your work?
  12. That they enjoy it. That it invokes different emotions, and that they continue to want to read what I put out.
  13. What inspires you to write?
  14. I just love books. I love reading them. Holding them. Smelling the papers. And the characters chatting in my head are a huge inspiration. Writing their story is the only way to get them to quiet down.
  15. What is your favorite writing drink?
  16. Iced coffee.
  17. When you’re not being an awesome author, what can readers catch you doing?
  18. Working. I work from home full time, and I am a dog mom to my fur-baby, Delilah. She is the Queen of our castle and the most judgmental dog on the planet.
  19. What one place do you wish you could visit?
  20. Australia. Greece. Italy. France. England.
  21. Do you enjoy reading as much as writing?
  22. Absolutely! And it helps me build my craft, as well. Just like any other profession, you continue to learn and grow by reading books.
  23. Where can readers find more about you?
  24. In my facebook reader’s group! You can join by clicking here:

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