Write Better: Making Moves

Just because the month is almost over, doesn’t mean we can’t still fall in love. And I expect no less from our characters. As a writer it can be hard not to be cliché and cheesy, especially if our real lives haven’t required us to need our moves in years. So let’s get modern with our flirting skills for writing sake.

Before you dig into flirting tips, don’t forget to consider your setting. You may not pick up a date with the tactics in the 1800’s as the 1990’s or even in the present.

Are there social standards at play?

Would a woman make advances on the man?

Where would these characters be when they first caught each other’s eyes?

Consider answering these questions before beginning the scene.

Keep the characters in mind. Be true to how they would move and how they would find the courage to approach the new found love interest. Awkwardness included, readers need to feel the knots in their stomachs as the action begins.

Lastly, dialogue! We don’t just flirt with our eyes, we humans, use enticing words to further convince the other to devote time to us. Your characters should be no different. So show off those word nerd skills and go write something!


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