Writer Resources: The Best Newsletter Platforms

MailChimp: The most popular email marketing tool to date, they offer free and paid options. The free account offers updated templates and is user friendly for the less tech savvy. You can monitor everything from subscribers to clicks and more. They also offer an easy to create landing page for new fans. Honestly, this is my go to platform because it’s easier to play with while learning to use.

MailerLite: The top rated for newcomers. Boasting beautiful templates and offer strong analytics, helping you learn as you grow. The free plan gives and gives, including a website and blog. Plus you get up to 1000 subscribers before you have to adjust your plan; and the prices are fairly reasonable.

beehiiv: Even though a free account offers the most subscribers of any of these platforms, it’s down the list for looking intimidating. It’s not, but at first glance, you may feel faint. Give it a try an check out all the awesome features to help you create newsletters that impress.

ConvertKit: The most expensive of the list! BUT, this is the ONLY platform geared for authors and podcasting. You can offer you fans a premium newsletter with the hottest content and make an extra buck. Plus, they offer a referral program if you recommend it to your friends. However, the free account only gives you 300 subscribers, and only off annual payment for paid accounts. But again, this platform is highly recommended for writers!


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