Write Better: Street Team Content

Your street team, crew, or biggest fans! Whatever you call them, they help you spread the word about your book. So why not give them the best ? Today we look at content you should reserve for your super fans.

Sneak Peeks: Give them the a chapter to tease your super fans with your upcoming novel. This move builds excitement and a book lover talks about books… a lot.

Contests: Give your street team the first chance to enter you contest just a day before. Or offer a giveaway only for your crew, with exclusive prizes.

Extras: Offer those fans a read of your process with things like character bios, or ‘bloopers’ cuts from the book. Creating a way for your team to relate further to your character’s makes it more likely they’ll preorder the next book.

Engage: Taking the time to zoom with a few members of your team shows you care and they mean something to you(as they should). Learning what they loved most, or what you can improve on, keeps you up on your writing game.

Now go write something!


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