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Our Mission Statement:

The Indie Author Book Expo (IABE) unites readers, writers, and authors to build better books. Reaching our community through book signing events, book clubs, writing classes, and bringing authors to schools. Thusly breaking stigmas on authors and indie books.

Our purpose is to unite readers, writers, and authors to build better books, making books more affordable and accessible to everyone. We offer writers free resources for homing in their skill before launching a book. Reaching out to readers, we are building book clubs, and introducing them to new and exciting authors. Then we help authors find readers through our award-winning book expos. These expos give readers a chance to talk with the authors and provide readers the opportunity to discover new books through the passion of the person who wrote them. We also encourage artists and local crafters to join us since small, local businesses are important to the communities we live in.

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