Write Better: Building A Book Concept

There is so much out in the world that inspires us to write. But jumping into that novel is a whole different beast. Having a concept layed out can help you stay on track and motivated to finish. So let's look at what it takes to create and maintain a concept for your manuscript. 1.... Continue Reading →

Writer Resources: Social in 2022

Keeping with the times is a must for all authors. Social media is a must if you want to succeed at all, but it can be difficult to decide which outlets are a good fit (not including Facebook or Twitter, which you should already have). So, here’s 5 social outlets you should have. 1. Goodreads:... Continue Reading →

December Reads

Books make amazing gifts! Please choose indie books this year, it’s a small, local business to be an author. “Rachet-tense atmosphere” - Allie Cresswell“The action zings” - A.M. Reade“A harrowing climax” - Alison HendersonAfter a string of arson fires drives migrant farm workers from their homes, Damien goes undercover to infiltrate the white-supremacist, neo-Nazi militia... Continue Reading →

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